1.A student should submit  his / her class cards to all subject teachers on the first day of classes.

          2.Regular attendance at classes is imperative for academic progress. Class attendance should not only be regular but punctual as well. 

     The following rules apply automatically:

           Beyond 3-hour absence in a 1-unit subject, 6-hour absence in a 2-unit subject, 9-hour absence in a 3-unit subject, 15-hour absence i a 5-unit subject and 18-hour absence in a 6-unit subject will automatically mean "DROPPED". In other words, you are only allowed 3 times the number of unit absence.

          3.Students should make every effort to be on time for class. Coming lare for class three times is equivalent to one absence.


          There are four grading terms for college every semester: Prelimenary, Midterm, Pre-Finals and Finals.

           Students will only be allowed to take periodic examinations upon settlement of their accounts at the Cashiers Office. NO PROMISSORY NOTES shall be honored. Examination permits must be presented by the students to their Proctor before taking the examination. The policy of NO PERMIT, NO EXAM is strictly observed. NO SPECIAL EXAMS.




                 1. The Numerical System for grading is as follows:

                    Numerical Equivalent                Rating                           

                      98-100                                   1.00

                      95-97                                     1.25

                      92-94                                     1.50

                       89-91                                    1.75

                       86-88                                    2.00 

                       83-85                                    2.25

                       80-82                                    2.50

                       77-79                                    2.50

                       75-76                                    3.00

                  below 75 is upon withdrawal after the  Mid-term Examination             5.00 Failure

                   - Failure/Dropped due to execessive absences.

                   -Withdrawal with permission of the College Dean/ Registrar.

          2. Grades are computed accumulatively are comprised of the following factors:

           Prelim Grade:

                 CLASS STANDING:

  •  Attendance




The CMI is an educational institution envisioned to be a center of excellence commited to bring forth into the world graduates at their best. They are young men and women who love life, who are happy and who are free-willing to be what God wants them to be. They are true Filipinos who love their country. They are leaders with a mission and vision. Above all, they are true christians who strive to be righteous and upright---Christians who have so much love for God and their fellow men.

To provide quality education through quality educators. To establish an institution that will serve as the center of excellence with adequate and functional facilities. To equip the students with needed knowledge, skills and values for global competitiveness. To design curricular programs attuned to the needs of the students, the family, the community and the society. To promote personal and professional efficacy through continuous and sustained staff development programs for teaching and non-teaching personnel.

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